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Looking for an adoptable or lost pet?

Adult cat poses for the camera with a smile. If your animal is lost, it may be picked up as a stray by an Animal Control Officer or dropped off at the shelter by a Good Samaritan. Florida law requires that we hold your animal for five days to give you the opportunity to reclaim it. Animals surrendered to the shelter or not reclaimed within five days become property of Collier County. We screen these animals for good health and temperament and place qualified pets up for adoption. Some animals unclaimed by their owners may be euthanized.

If you find an adoptable animal you feel might fit in with your family, please fill out our quick and easy Adoption Application. It takes just a few moments. After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation that we have received and will review your application.

Make sure you review and understand the rules for pet owners before bringing home a pet.

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