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Frequently Asked Questions
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List Of FAQ's

What is the first thing I do to set up my account?
Enter a Username and password as Administrator. Enter your company information, make sure you check the "active" box, and set up additional Users.

Can I save this web site in my favorites?
Yes, treat as you would with your own favorites.

How many Users and Administrators can I add?
Unlimited number of users. You must have at least 1 Company Administrator, as only Administators have the ability to set up other users and purchase estoppels.

Who is going to enter my charge account information, and does the program retain my credit card number?
The customer will enter their own information. For security purposes, the system does not retain the credit card number.

Will the date on the requests always remain the same?
Yes. For reprinting purposes, the original date remains on the request.

At what point does the system charge my account in the Estoppel process?
When you enter the closing date, and click submit to retrieve your Estoppel, you will be charged.

Will the history of my searches always be available?
The history remains in the view area in date requested order.

If I pay by check, can I request Estoppels immediately?
No, your check order must be entered in the "Buy More Estoppels" area. At that point your order is placed on the Order Pending List. Make your check out to Board of County Commissioners and mail it to Collier County Utility Billing & Customer Service, Special Assessment Department, at 4420 Mercantile Ave Naples, FL 34104. Upon receipt of your check, we will give approval. You will receive an e-mail saying your order is approved for more Estoppels.

Will the County keep track of my Estoppel usage?
No, you will monitor your account. When accessing your account, you will see the number of Estoppels you have requested, and the number you have purchased. Your balance can be verified on screen.

Can I view a usage report?
Will be available soon.

How often is the information updated?
Information in our system is immediately available to you.

Can I request an Estoppel without a closing date?
No, if you cannot provide a date, you can use the last day of the current month.

How do I print the Estoppel?
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the print button.

When can a new User log in?
After their account is submitted, go to the Home Page to Search User area. Enter their name, submit and click "enable". At that point they can log on.


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