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Frequently Asked Questions
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IMPORTANT! Estoppels should be requested 2-3 business days prior to the closing date.
Estoppel requests do not reflect final water/sewer charges.
Collier County bills in arrears - the final bill has not yet been generated.
The seller is responsible for the final bill.
Contact Customer Service at (239) 252-2380 to obtain final bill date and estimated charges to use for closing.

A new account (for buyer) cannot be created, and a final bill generated (for seller) until:

  • the new owner must complete New Customer Account Form   AND
  • submit one of the following documents to establish the new account:
    • HUD - along with fully executed signature page with both buyer and seller signatures
    • Recorded Warranty Deed (must have Clerk of Courts recorded stamp)
    • Certificate of Title reflecting the Clerk of Courts seal stamp
Documents must be submitted via email to utilitybill@colliercountyfl.gov

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Utility Billing and Customer Service Department is to provide Customer Service that exceeds expectations by being accessible to the County's water, sewer, solid waste collection and internal customers in order to give them superior service in an efficient and timely manner

  • We will listen to our customers and professionally respond to their needs;
  • Our communications will be executed with courtesy, tact and respect;
  • We empower our staff to fairly solve customer problems;
  • Through ongoing educational effort, we will contribute directly to the protection, preservation, and enhancement of Collier County's environmental well being.
  • We are committed to a continual improvement of our services and we view this improvement as a journey, not a destination.
The Department is responsible for the collection of all major operating revenues for the Public Utilities Division, which include water, sewer, irrigation (treated effluent), solid waste, special assessments (on and off the tax roll) and capital bonding. For inquiries, please call (239) 252-2380.

Disclaimer: Documents pulled from this website are not official records. The Utility Billing and Customer Service Department of Collier County, Florida and its employees disclaim any liability for any errors in the information provided herein and do not warrant the accuracy of this information. To assure accuracy, you should have an independent search prepared by a qualified abstract or title company or an attorney at law. The delinquent records of Collier County are open for inspection by anyone desiring to perform a search.

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